The value is not displayed correctly in the table display

The value is not displayed correctly in the table view but is correctly displayed in the detail view (when I click on the line).
If I go into the detail and then return to the table the value changes and displays the correct one.
I would like the value displayed at the base to be the right one but I don’t understand where this could come from.
Can someone help me?

I work with Forest admin in js on a postgres database

Hello @aurell04b

That is very strange indeed!
I’ve never seen anything like it.

Can you tell me more so that i can try to setup a project to reproduce the issue?

  • Is this a SmartField?
  • Does it happen for all records or only this one?
  • Which version of forest-express-sequelize are you using?
  • When you refresh, is the value still wrong? (maybe a caching issue in the frontend?)
  • Do you get errors on the console?

It was an error of incrementation in my smart field it is corrected.
Excuse me for the derangement

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An issue that solved itself (as least as seen from our side :slight_smile: ).

No needs for excuses!
We actually get paid to answer your questions, so no dérangement is possible from our side. The more questions the better!

Always feel welcome to post any doubt in the community forum.

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