Typescript routes does not seem to be picked up

Hello I am trying to extends the routes to add a smart action but they are just not picked up, the action is created but when I click on it it says that the route can not been reached

Expected behavior

The route to be created

Actual behavior

404 the route does not seems to be created

this is my code, located in a ./routes/labe.ts

import * as express from 'express';
import { PermissionMiddlewareCreator } from 'forest-express-sequelize';
import { label } from '../models';

const router = express.Router();
const permissionMiddlewareCreator = new PermissionMiddlewareCreator('label');

router.post('/actions/map-features', permissionMiddlewareCreator.smartAction(), (request, response) => {



Can you try to call next() after your console.log ?

Hi @Nicolas_Sailly thanks for helping.
Calling next does not change anything.

more info:

  • Changing the file (or any routes files) does not trigger a recompile by ts-node-dev (nodemon for typescript)
  • even manyally triggering the recompilation does not add the route

I added a console.log of the Module inside the requireAll of routes and the new added route file is not there

  dirname  : path.join(__dirname, 'routes'),
  recursive: true,
  resolve  : Module => {

    app.use('/forest', Module);


I also notice (I am new to Admin Forest) that at the beginning those routes files where auto generated, but since then I have added new models but no corresponding route files and still I was able to make changes to those models calling there corresponding routes even if I didnt have a specific route file for them, is there a default set of routes generate per models or does this is working?

If i register the route manually everything works fine

app.use('/forest', require('./routes/label'));

Hi @Benjamin_Marquis, can you share with us your tsconfig.json file?

Can you also:

  1. delete your dist/ (generated) directory
  2. remove your call to require
  3. launch the build with npm build

And check that your new route has been correctly generated in the dist/ directory?

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Hello @GuillaumeGautreau thanks for your help.

It was not a problem with Admin Forest but ts-node-dev that I was using
i had the following dev command

"dev-tsc": "ts-node-dev --project ./tsconfig.json --ignore-watch node_modules --inspect= -- ./server.ts"

I replaced with recommanded

 "dev": "tsc && tsc --watch & nodemon --watch ./dist ./dist/server.js"

I followed the instruction as recommanded by @Nicolas_Sailly and it works fine !