UI rendering ember component code

Expected behavior

When I select “Text” as Select display widget, I expect the text of that associatied collection’s field to display.

Actual behavior

When I select “Text”, I get the following in table view:

Works well when I select “Link”:



Hello @cooki

Seems legit!
I’ll open a bug report

@romaing thank you !

Hey @romaing , I am still getting the same error, has it been solved on your end ?

The bug is still in queue to be processed

@romaing thank you !

Hello again @cooki

We’ve been discussing internally how to fix this issue.
It’s been causing a small UX dilemma.

In order to stop displaying the current gibberish “<client@model:forest…>”, we have two possibilities:

  • Remove the “Text” display widget for BelongsTo relations, and only allow links
  • Update the “Text” display widget so that it displays the model reference field when used in a relationship context (like the example you provided)

To settle the discussion, could you tell us more about your use-case?

  • When you initially choose the Text widget, was it because you intentionally wanted users NOT to be able to navigate to this relation?
  • Are you aware that the link can be disabled by using the “Project Settings > Roles > Read (details)”. Would that suite your use-case, or do you need to control it by Team?

Hey @romaing,

Happy to hear you are working on this.

  • I think removing the “Text” display widget for BelongTo relations is not the way to go, why would you give your users less options ? So I think it would be better to update it: who want to see an ID when showing a relationship ? that sounds weird.

To answer the second question:

  • It’s not that I strictly dont want my users to navigate to the relationship, it’s just that it’s not needed, and creates additional navigation possibilities that I don’t want to offer. Also, the hyperlink doesn’t look very nice on the UI.

  • I am not aware that the link can be disabled, but it seems that by disabling the read permissions, users wouldn’t be able to read that collection by reaching it from ta more traditional route (like by clicking on it in the left menu for example).

Thanks !

Thank you for your feedback!
I’ll pass it on

The Link widget does not have to display the ID, you can choose which field is displayed on the collection options.

Here is a screenshot:

Yup, but can it be a text and a reference field ? instead of a link and a reference field ?

We try to have only one way to achieve each thing, in order to avoid feature bloating the app, and flatten the learning curve of our customers!

That’s exactly what is being debated :slight_smile:

I’m with you on not feature bloating the app, but this was a natural inclination to just display a text (it is available on the UI as it is).

Maybe this is a naive suggestion, but the difference between a link and a text is a wrapping a tag with a child text, can’t you just remove the wrapper a tag when text is selected ?

Hey @romaing , any progress on this topic ?

Hi @cooki

Hope I find you well.
As you can probably see the issue is not fixed yet in production, but still progress has happened!

As far as I can see on the issue tracker, a pull request solving the issue was authored yesterday, and is awaiting to be reviewed by another developer.

You can expect the patch to be released tomorrow or the day after that.

@romaing that’s great news, thanks a lot for the feedback !

Hi @cooki

I just got a notification that the patch was released a couple minutes ago.

Things should now work as you expected (by selecting the “Text” widget, the reference field should be displayed, and not be a clickable link)

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Hey @romaing, this is great news, thanks for your continued support, I really appreciate it.

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