Unable to Deploy even with identical schema files

Feature(s) impacted

Deployment of dev changes to production

Observed behavior

When I use forest deploy, I receive an error stating that the schema files do not match up. I have however checked that both the one on dev and the one on prod are identical. The prod environment is fully up to date on all the back end code. This is the only step i have left to fully deploy

Expected behavior

It should be able to deploy. I have read other posts about extra lines inserted and such, but I have confirmed that that is not the issue.

Failure Logs

× Source and destination environments must have the same schema. Please check your environments code is synchronized.


  • Project name: okit-forest-admin
  • Team name: none (personal space)
  • Environment name: dev to prod
  • Agent type & version: Node.js 16.15.1
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: added new smart segment

Hi @Seong-Jun_Yea :wave: welcome to our community :confetti_ball:.
Unfortunately I see the .forestadmin-schema.json is not the same on your development environment and your production environment.
Please be sure you have deployed the same .forestadmin-schema on your production before using deploy. :pray:

  • Recent changes made on your end if any: added new smart segment

This can be the reason. This new smart segment must be in the production environment.

Let me know if that help.

Hi, I am checking our backend code both on my local dev environment and my remote production environment. The .forestadmin-schema.json seem to be the same comparing it side by side with nano and git pull tells me the same (both production and local is up to date with the repo, with nothing to commit). Is there something I’m missing regarding how to update my production’s .forestadmin-schema file? Right now, I have tried git pulling from the most up to date code and restarted the node.js server.

@Seong-Jun_Yea I just looked at and I see for exemple you have a smart action places.set place thumbnail image on your development schema and you don’t have this action on your production schema.
The last synchronisation I see, for your production environment, is on 05 july 2022 09:18:22
And the last synchronisation I see on your development environment is on 06 july 2022 08:58:35
Have you restart your production server after deploying your code changes?

Goodness, yes thank you for some reason our restart server command did not go through.