Unrecognized URL + Environment ID changes?


Just to be clear, I identified 2 problems, probably not related but since I’m not sure (and are affecting the same thing on our side), I post both of them in the same topic.

Expected behavior

  1. This kind of URL should work as it used to be few days ago: https://app.forestadmin.com/:ENV_ID/data/320259/index/record/320259/bcfedd6b-1623-4040-ad64-49bb94867fa8/summary
  2. Environment IDs should remain the same

Actual behavior

  1. https://app.forestadmin.com/:ENV_ID/data/320259/index/record/320259/bcfedd6b-1623-4040-ad64-49bb94867fa8/summary URL now displays a blank page with UnrecognizedURLError error in the browser console
  2. I can see, using the CLI, that our production and staging environments IDs have changed. I tried to use the URL above with the “new” environment ID but I get the same error. I suspect that URLs with environment IDs are no longer valid?


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: 1.0.0
  • Express Version: 4.17.1
  • Sequelize Version: 5.21.12
  • Database Dialect: MariaDB
  • Database Version: couldn’t get the info
  • Project Name: Chez Nestor

Feel free to tell me if you need more info!


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Hi @ArnaudCN :wave:, and welcome to our community.

You are right, we recently changed our routing system to deprecate the usage of this kind of URL, in favor of prettier one. (/:projectName/:environmentName/:teamName)

For your first issue, may I ask you where your link URL were generated?

  • if it was within the forestadmin app, may I know where ? If that’s the case, there is definitely a bug.
  • if it was a link stored anywhere else (Bookmarked, in a note, shared via email…)? If that’s the case, you may want to update your link using the friendly URL updated syntax. You should be able to re-generate the URL navigating within the forestadmin app and update your link accordingly.

Not sure if your second issue is or not related to this issue though.

I can see, using the CLI, that our production and staging environments IDs have changed.

environment IDs should not have changed. What kind of command of the CLI are you using ? I’ll investigate this on my end too.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if that helps :pray:


Hi @jeffladiray,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Links were used in an internal app so this isn’t a bug.

environment IDs should not have changed. What kind of command of the CLI are you using ? I’ll investigate this on my end too.

forest environments

I will just wait your investigation about env IDs to mark this topic has resolved if you don’t mind (the URL part is already resolved, thanks!).

Just did a quick test on my end using forest environments and checked in our tools by I can’t find anything related to updated IDs on our end, but I didn’t :thinking:.

Just to be sure, forest environments returns you different result than previously? I can’t find any recent change in the forest-cli package that could have introduce this kind of issue, and I’m not able to reproduce anything similar either :confused:.

You mentionned in your original message an error related to this, could you share it here, with the command generating the error? Eventually, a loom of the issue might be useful, if that’s possible on your end.
If there is anything more than can be useful to investigate this issue, don’t hesitate to share it here.

Thanks :pray:

Before you deprecated it, this URL used to work:


I supposed 11539 was the environment ID but maybe it wasn’t? And if that’s the case, forgot my issue about environment IDs :wink:

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It used to be a /:renderingId in the URL, not an /:environmentId :slight_smile:
renderingId is related to both project, environment & team, which explain the (new) prettier URL.
That is the main reason to switch to this new format, since renderingId was not something really explicit.

This is a pretty recent change from our end (The deprecation of the previous URL format), and since your thread title mention the error name, I guess this will also serve others users!

Let me know if everything is solved on your end.

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Hello @ArnaudCN :wave:

Just a quick message to let you know that we added back support to the old url format (so your urls using ids will work again).

However please note that we plan to remove the support of old url format (using ids). When this time comes we will communicate on this, so I highly recommend to start migrating from old format to the new one (using projectName, environmentName and teamName).

We apologise for the inconvenience, and we hope that things are working for you now.



Hey @ArnaudCN,

:warning: We have an update scheduled for February 1, 2021. After this date, the old format of our URLs will no longer be supported.

Remember to update your Forest admin URLs following this format: