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Hi team,

Referring to this post: Unrecognized URL + Environment ID changes? - #8 by louis
I appreciate the new format for URLs.

However, we have a multitude of old emails which were sent using the old format of URLs, and these are not usable any more because of the end of the support of these old URLs.

As we are not able to change any link in these mails already sent, how can we manage to make them work again now?
It seems to us to be a very very annoying breaking feature.

As far as I remember, when we coded these links 2 years ago, we asked to Forestadmin team if these IDs would be stable, and we had the confirmation that they would be.

The mails that I am talking about concern alerts sent to our compliance team.
The destination links in these emails are very important for regulatory purposes.
We cannot ask to this team to rewrite each link included in their email.

How can we do now?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi @Louis-Marie :wave:,

Thank you for pointing this out and sorry to hear that this URL change is affecting your regulatory processes.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any workaround to support old URL format :disappointed:.

Following our update scheduled for February 1, 2021, the old format of our URLs are no longer be supported. Forest admin URLs follow now this format: /:projectName/:environmentName/:teamName

This change was made in an effort to greatly improve URL sharing on our platform. We are working on improving our communication for this type of change so that you are notified in advance :pray:

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