Update smart field in smart collection after an action in summary view

Feature(s) impacted

Update of smart field in smart collection after an action

Observed behavior

I have 2 collections that use the same db table. One with classic get route :

router.get('/orders/:recordId', permissionMiddlewareCreator.details(), (request, response, next) => {

and one with logic behind :

router.get('/logistics/:recordId', permissionMiddlewareCreator.details(), async (req, res, next) => {
  const { params, query, user } = req
  const recordGetter = new RecordGetter(models.orders, user, query)
  const logisticType = Array.from(params.recordId)[0]

  const order = (await recordGetter.get(params.recordId.substring(1))).toJSON()
  order.id = `${logisticType}${order.recordId}`
  return res.send(Serializer.serialize(order))

(I’m adding logisticType in front of the id because I can have 2 logistics rows for 1 order)
This is working fine for me.

I have this bloc in orders and logistics summary views
Capture d’écran 2022-06-17 à 14.47.03
The action “Ajouter une note” add the grey block just on top of it. In orders summary view, I don’t need to reload to see the new note that I added with the action. But in the logistics summary view, I need to reload to see the changes.

Expected behavior

I don’t want to reload to see new notes.
Is there a way to do this ? (I tried to redirectTo same URL after the action but it doesn’t work)

Failure Logs

No failure logs


  • Project name: mytraiteur
  • Team name : Operations
  • Environment name: Development | marco2
  • Agent type & version:
    forest-express-sequelize version: 8.5.3
    express version: 4.17.1
    sequelize version: 5.15.1

Hi @MarcoGarcia

I’m trying to replicate, as the use-case is quite complicated.

I’m making a smart view for the same collection and it’s reloading correctly so it’s good for me but maybe that will be helpful for others I don’t know