User Info - Get Current User Info

I couldn’t find anything in docs that can help me get the current user info

Hello @Kashish_Maggu and thanks for posting your issue here :slight_smile:

Can you describe a little bit more what you are trying to achieve and what is your blocking point?

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for smart actions, i am hitting an api. wanted to maintain users who are using those api. so for that i want to send current logged in user info in api
where i am blocked is, how to get current user info

Hi @Kashish_Maggu :wave: what kind of api did you hitting?
Your project is a forest-admin generated one?
If yes and if you have created the express route for, you can use:'/my-action', (request, response) => {
  // request.user should have all the information you wanted

found the info, thanks for help. also is it possible to hit an api when a user logs in. the custom api that we are using are having a auth token so can we hit our own api just after login and store token in cache or cookies or local storage