UX: No animation when there are no search results

What is the improvement?

This is a small design problem that could be fixed easily and improve the user experience of searching in collections.
When you start a search that has no result, a beautiful green animation is shown, with a spinning magnifying glass. The text below reads “No Xxxx match your search. Nothing found for xxxxxx.”.

The problem is that it looks too much like a loading screen. The animation is big, and somewhat looks like a spinner. The text is small, far from where the eye was (on the search box), so it’s not the first thing you see.

I have made the same mistake multiple times, to start a search and wait a few seconds on this screen for the search to complete ; when actually it has completed straight away.
An aggravating factor in our case is that some (but not all) of our collections are big and slow. So some searches usually take 5s, and waiting is something that the user expects. But some collections have the right indices, so the “No search result” screen can appear instantly.


I think that this animation is harmful to the experience, and should be replaced with something static or removed completely.



Hello @Caerbannog and weclome to our community forums !

Thanks for this detailed feedback, I’ll forward your suggestion to our team !

Wishing you a happy new year :slightly_smiling_face:

The same feedback might be applicable to the “Related Data” results of a record.
Suppose you have a Users table and a Posts table.
When you open a specifc User then click Details > Related Data > Posts, the same animation will be shown when there are no Posts for this user.