"Your database is taking a long time to answer" message even when searches take a regular loading time


We recently saw this message quite often when our requests were being handled quite slowly… We did a lot of improvements and now although the speed is back to its normal parameters, we still get this message when/after loading datasets. The problem with this is that although we’re back to normal parameters, in terms of speed, just by seeing this message people think the speed is slow (a bit of a placebo effect :smile: ) - we’ve tested it a few times and it was clear that even when requests are handled almost instantly, this message still pop-ups up.

So my question is: how is this measured and can something be done to not get this message shown when requests are handled instantly?

Thank you.

Hello @Petru_Simion :wave:

First of all, thanks for your feedback regarding your experience, we really appreciate !

Based on the timeline you described, it looks like you were notified about slownesses in your admin panel and that you worked on it to speed up your operations. We have taken the liberty to deactivate the feature on your project, so none of your collaborators should encounter any alert regarding performances anymore. If you would like to reactivate the feature, feel free to ask any time on this thread or you can reach out to us by mail.

Let me explain you quickly how the slowness detection works. Basically, we count the time taken by any data requests to your server to finish. By any data requests, I mean charts, collections, single records and so on. If any of these requests takes more than 6 seconds to finish, we consider it as a slow request, and then an alert is displayed.

We plan to change few parameters on this feature based on feedbacks we received recently (feedbacks such as yours, thanks again!) to make it better. We will communicate on the changes once the feature has been reworked (increasing the “affordable” delay is included in the discussions for instance).

I took a closer look at the recent detections we have in your project in terms of speed, some calls are still taking more than 6 seconds to finish, I will send to you few of them in a private message if you want to check.

I hope this message helps, if you have any other question please feel free to answer in this thread, I will wait for your response to close this thread.


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Great info, that was very insightful. Thank you for sharing this!