UX pb, lag time


The new forest interface is kind of frustrating tbh.
When I click / double click on the green button to switch team (ping to my ticket Set default team for a user), which take time to load as a lot of views :
Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 15.35.37
I’m logged out …
Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 15.35.42
The “log out” button is exactly where the green button was.
Perhaps you shouldn’t hide the green button so the menu will be above the green button or move the div position.

Thanks for your understanding.


Many thanks to report this UX problem.
I will forward your ticket to the product board.

What about the lag time please ? Log in / views etc. are extremely long to load

Hey @nadiab :wave:

Really sorry to hear this. I’ve just checked on my end and I can’t spot anything major on the discussion between the frontend and your backend.

I can see however that your collection are taking a bit of time to load. Did you recently introduce any change that can have an impact on your discussion between your forest admin agent & the frontend? (Smart fields, smart collections, etc)?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for reaching out.
Yes we have smart fields, action, et collaboration set on some collections

I’ll reach you out to you via DM to see if I can match the data I have on my end to see if we can investigate this :+1: