Very long time to load data

Hi FA support,

We are experiencing issues to display our data.

The time to load data is very long for some tables. Same problem for dashboards. So long that sometimes, we cannot load data at all and we get an error message saying " Cannot reach your data".

Thanks for your help,

Hi @Karim_Buiahi,

“long time to load” is a large problem, I have few questions to dig your issue.

We need to figure where is the bottleneck.
Do you have a lot of records/documents in the slow tables?
Are your tables correctly indexed?
Can you try to execute the same queries directly against your database with a database client tool?
What is your database, database version, your version of forest-express-xxx?
What are the structure of the tables that are slow?
Can you share HAR of the slow use-cases? (HAR can be created by right-clicking under the network tab in Chrome)


Thanks @Sliman_Medini for your answer.

Let me also share this documentation link about performance: