(Very) Custom Smart Action

I have a model Artist, which has a field “mainImageUrl”. It is the principal image of the artist.

The image urls can be obtained by a call to the server, because they are from different sources and not all are stored in the database.

I want to create a smart action to choose the image. I want to call my server, get the images urls, display the images and their urls to the user, so he could choose which url is the main.

Can I do that with a smart action? Or something else if you have an idea :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


Hi @Cyrielle_Willerval,

I am not sure you can do something friendly with a simple Smart Action.
Unfortunately, we do not provide multi step Smart Actions yet.

A general idea could be to:

  1. Create a Smart Relationship Artist hasMany Images.
  2. Access this relationship from an Artist detail page.
  3. Make all the pictures displayed (in the related data list), configuring the image url field with the file viewer widget.
  4. Create a Smart Action “Set user main image” to set the “mainImageUrl” of a user (on the “image” collection).
  5. Select the picture you want in the related data and trigger the “Set user main image”

Does it make sense?

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The images are not the database, because they are updated very often from another application. So I don’t think I can display it with the related data

But thank you for your answer!

Smart Relationships can be implemented with any type of sources:

  • database for native collections
  • but also APIs for integration with 3rd party services (Stripe, Intercom, Mixpanel…)

I see no limitation in the fact that those images are not in your main database.


Ahh I did not know that, it seems great!