View model segments within related data view

Feature(s) impacted

Segments. When configuring a segment, it seems that it is only visible in the “Collections” column. When a model has the specified related data, the segments for that data are not visible, only the actual model.

Observed behavior

No segments are visible in the related data field in the UI.

Expected behavior

If a segment is configured, then I would expect to be able to brows related data by that segment.


Forest UI in web. BE: django-forestadmin 1.3.8

Hello @lucasob,

What do you mean by the “Collections” column? As long as the segment is defined for a collection it will show up directly next to the collection. This mean that if you hide the collection it will hide the segment. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hello @lucasob,

Sorry I did not understand your issue at a first glance. This is not possible for the moment but I’m pushing your feature suggestion to our product team!

Thanks and have a great day :slight_smile: