Liana v8 - Query-based segments & related data not showing

Hi -

We’re seeing issues with data visibility after updating to forest-express-sequelize v8 from v8-beta6.

We’ve completed all of the required changes listed here.

The two issues that we’ve identified so far are:

  1. Segments with query filters no longer show data. When accessing any of the segments we’ve defined using a query filter (and not a simple filter - those work fine), the server console log shows a ForbiddenError: Forbidden message at /forest-express/dist/middlewares/permissions.js:127:24

  2. In our Summary views, the related data panels no longer show related records. They are all empty. You can see in the related data panel’s search field, however, that there should be fields showing. In that search field, there are messages like: “Search within 2 books…” visible, which correctly matches the number of related records that should be visible, but are not.

Any suggestions on how to get these issues resolved?


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Hello @yeti182

We’re investigating, I’ll come back to you shortly

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Hello @yeti182,

Really sorry to hears that. We just identify the second issue. We will work on a fix as soon as possible. We will keep you posted once resolved.

So now, let’s identify the first issue. I’m not able to reproduce on my own. Can you add more context ? Do you use simple query ? Can you share it here ?
Also, can you share a bigger snippet from your backend when the query fails ?

Thank for your time.

Hi @morganperre -

Excellent - glad to hear re: #2.

For the segment query, I’ll PM you what we are using. It involves a Left Join but otherwise nothing too fancy. It’s affecting all of our segments that are query-based (they all involve joins…).

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I just released a fix for issue #2. It’s available on version 8.0.1

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Thanks, @romaing! 8.0.1 fixed issue #2 for us. I’ll keep working with @morganperre in our PM on #1.

Hi again @yeti182,

Great news, a fix will be released tomorrow if everything goes well. And fortunately, it should fix your issue. :confetti_ball:

I’ll keep you updated once release.

Thank again for the help you provide tracking this bug. Have a nice day.

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Hello @yeti182,

Glad to announce that we’ve just released a new version of our backend. So you can just re-start your backend and it should work. :muscle:

Let me know if the issue is fixed on your side so I can close the topic.

Again, thank you for your dedication.

Kind regards

Thanks, @morganperre - it’s all working great, now! I really appreciate the investigation and fast fix!

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