What is the best way to filter `args.records` in Smart View?

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Feature(s) impacted

Filter args.records in a Smart View.

Observed behavior

All the records of a table is fetched by default.

Expected behavior

I’m looking for a method to fetch only records according to a custom filter. While it’s possible to filter the args.records after all data are fetched (with .filter for instance), I think it would be best to filter the data through a query filter.


  • Project name: stan-api-backoffice
  • Team name: Brightweb
  • Environment name: Development
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  • Recent changes made on your end if any: Added a Smart View named Vérification manuelle KYC to Vérification d'identité

Thanks for you insights

Hello @Slals

You can pass parameters to this.store.query in order to filter records.
Here is an example with filters and pagination

Here is the list of supported operators

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Hi @romaing ,


Is there a way to filter the args.records without having to add a fetchData function? The example you provided uses a new @tracked variable but I think It would be best to filter args.records before those are fetched since my Smart View will only use the records.