When we delete a Team, do we delete all related Activities?

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Expected behavior

We need Record activity to be independent from the Teams Setup: if we delete a team, we need its Activities to be persisted.

We need to access all past activities on Forest Admin.

Actual behavior

We recently changed our Forest Teams organization and deleted our main Team. Since today, all our past Activities don’t show anymore (for example on this record https://app.forestadmin.com/Okarito/production/Tech/data/Roundtrip/index/record/Roundtrip/8373/activity, all activity has disappeared).

Failure Logs

No specific logs.

Hi @remi_okarito,

Thank you for this feedback.
Today activities are not related to teams but are cascade deleted on user deletion (this was incorrect, see below).

I am creating a product board input to take this into account.

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Ok so it seems I’m wrong about the why.

Can you investigate on why our Activity disappeared on this specific record ? We haven’t deleted any user.


@remi_okarito, thank you for keep reading :slight_smile:

Effectively, dropping a team hides related activities.
Your feedback allows us to spot this bug, thank you.

After the bug is fixed, missing activities will be visible again.
Hoping your business operations are not damaged by this, we try to solve it quickly.