How to remove users in Forestadmin?


How to remove users in forestadmin ? I thought i remove them because they were within a team that i removed. But we still have 6 users.

  • Project name: find-a-resource
  • Team name: Decode advertising
  • Environment name: Staging

Hello @Joel_Alexandre_Khang,

Thanks for your message.

You’re right, deleting a team doesn’t remove the users belonging to it.
You need to go to the user tab (in the projects settings) and delete the ones you want there.

Let me know if that helps!

I did i see there is only 3 users :

But in the billing tab on project setting, i see 6 users :

@Joel_Alexandre_Khang that’s very strange indeed!

It seems that there is an issue on our side about it.
We’ll check this out very quick and we’ll get back to you asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey @Joel_Alexandre_Khang !
On Forest users must have at least one team. We don’t currently have a failsafe on the team deletion to avoid this error.
Can you create a new team, we will manualy add the users to it, and then you’ll be able to delete them from the user tab.
We will work on fixing this issue with team deletion soon!

Plese let me know the mails of the users and the name of team you are gonna create.

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Hey @Nicolas_Sailly I just create a new team called UsersToRemove.
Let me mention that i tried to remove user from the user tab but it didn’t work. I had to create another team, affect user to that team and when deleting the team, users was removed from the user tabs but still in the billing details as showed previously.

Hey guys @Nicolas_Sailly @adriguy , still don’t have any feedback from you …

Hi @Joel_Alexandre_Khang !
We’ll add the users to your team today !
I’ll ping you here once it’s done.

@Joel_Alexandre_Khang Can you check if you see the user sin the user tab now ?

@Nicolas_Sailly Yes they are now. What is the next step ?

Delete the users from the user tab, it should properly delete them :slight_smile:

When i try to remove a specific user i got this message Cannot remove an organization owner from project

As the message says, the user is owner of the organization your project belongs to. You need to go you organization settings and remove him as owner.

I don’t have any organization menu link here :

It looks like you are not owner of the organisation. It’s normal that you can’t access its settings, ask one of the other owners to add you as owner.


Thank you for your help

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