Will FA work for my case?


I hope somebody can assist with some guidance on whether using forestadmin for my situation would be ideal or if you could point me in the right direction if not? Note, I am not a developer.

I am trying to put together a basic B2B SaaS MVP thats as cost effective as possible to test viability ASAP.

I have a functional backend in place on backendless.com BaaS that generates useful product research data and it makes that data available via its public REST API. That all works well but my developer cannot assist with any frontend stuff and quotes for coding a frontend have been undesirable.

I am trying to find the easiest fastest most cost effective way to create a basic multi-user front end admin area with the core functions that I can use to onboard a few users to test interest.

The only custom functions it needs is:

  1. Users should be able to login and submit a simple form to create a new “research project”. This form should post the project data to backend API which then does all the data generation.

  2. Users should then be able to view the “results” of their project in 4-6 seperate pages that include a sortable, filterable and searchable dynamic data table that fetches the users specific data from the backend via API. There would be some simple calculated columns and maybe a graph or two. This table is key and I need to be able to customize this as much as is needed, can FA handle any kind of advanced datatable requirements?

I understand ForestAdmin is not really meant for public apps and does not have billing or anything like that (planning on using outseta.com for billing and other scaffolding) but perhaps I could still use it initially to test with a a few users if its the easiest way to go about this, and then more confidently invest in a “proper” frontend if things look positive?

How much time (ballpark) might it take for somebody experienced to set this up in FA?

My fallback option is using Bubble.io but I wanted to investigate any other options first.

Thanks for any advice!

Hey @jtmar12 :wave: ,

It looks like Forest Admin for partners could answer your use case.

With our native features, you can manage permissions and dynamically filter data in a scalable way.

I would recommend to contact our team to discuss your use case and pricing as it can be really specific depending on your needs.