Access forbidden on user

Hello Forest Admin Team !
Our production environment is down… :confused:

We have had some problems with our dashboard for about 1 hour :

  • Filtering on certain segments no longer works. All data are displayed.


  • There is some issues with a team layout :

Have you made any recent changes?

Thanks for your help !
Camille - Psynergy

Hi @Sharp,

Are you using the role feature? browseEnabled access forbidden looks like a permission issue.
If that’s the case, could check if:

  • All roles are correctly configured.
  • All roles have access to the production environment.
  • All users accessing the production environment have the correct role.

Let me know.

Hello @jeffladiray

Nothing change on our side for 3 weeks.
Where can I check if role have access to the production environment ? :thinking:

This should be visible from the “Role” screen in your project settings. A small switch should be displayed

There is no small switch :thinking:

@jeffladiray It looks like roles permissions feature is active on your side but not on our.

Moreover segment configuration doesn’t persist anymore, I set “Repondu” to “false” but when I refresh selector is on “Select” choice

No, that’s my fault - I did not check your project well enough.

This issue looks similar (See Segment crashes depending on filter), but on my end, I’m not able to reproduce either. I would suggest to follow what is stated there (Recreate the segment and migrate to v7).

Let me know if that helps

It’s weird, this morning everything was working perfectly.
If nothing change on our side and on your side how can it can be broken ?
And make a hotfix to upgrade to a major version is not safe… Is this the only solution ?

I just ask the team member who filed/fixed the issue and he gave me more insight of a potential issue regarding this. I was suggesting to migrate to v7 since that was the proposed solution on the thread I mentionned, but I would also prefer to understand what causes this.

In order to check if there is an issue in your project configuration, could you share here an environment & a team where you are experiencing this issue?

Environnement : PRODUCTION
Team : Psychologue
(Do you need project name or you already have it ?)

Hi @Sharp, I think I was, in fact, able to reproduce your issue.

It appear that you are using scopes on your user collections. The issue you mentionned was indeed introduced today, and the filters are not correctly sent to your backend, causing the permissionMiddleware to fail. I opened a ticket on our end, be sure we will keep you posted once fixed.

Hello @Sharp :wave:

May I ask you the content of the http call to /user which breaks please ?

You can get this information by opening your browser debug tool, then open the network tab and refresh the page. You should be able to see the broken call to /user.

Can you send me the payload sent in the request ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


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Hello @Steve_Bunlon !

Query parameters :

And scope configuration is lost :thinking:(It was filtering result rows on authenticated user email)

Hello @Sharp :wave:

Thanks a lot for the investigation. Please, do not touch your scope configuration, we still have it on our end.

We have figured out the issue and a fix is ongoing :+1:

I will keep you in touch.


Hello @Sharp :wave:

A fix has just been released, can you confirm things are back to normal please ?

I’m marking the thread as resolved, I will reopen it if an issue persists :raised_hands:

Thanks for opening a thread in our community,


Hi @Steve_Bunlon, we had this issue as well and it is still ongoing for us. I can jump on a call if you’d like and show what we are experiencing.

Hi @Eyal_Hakim indeed I can reproduce.

We are currently rollbacking to latest stable release regarding segments and scopes.

Sorry everyone for the inconvenience, we are working on fixing things ASAP.

I will keep you updated.


Hello everyone.

I would like to apologise for the inconvenience. It looks like the segments and scopes features are back to business.

Can you confirm that either segments, scopes, and access to collection are back to normal please ?

Thanks for the heads up, and once again sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @Steve_Bunlon, I can confirm it’s working now. Thanks!

Hello @Steve_Bunlon and @jeffladiray :wave:

I also confirm that everything is back to normal.

Thank you for your reactivity :slightly_smiling_face:

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