Permission error on new segment

Feature(s) impacted

creating new segment using query

Observed behavior

when I load the segment it show this error

Segment config

Expected behavior

I expected to get record related to the sql query used for the segment.

Failure Logs

User is not authorized to browse on collection cUsersBanks

  • Project name: Clevermate dashboard
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Production
  • Database type: postgres

Hello @Adel_de_Clevermate,

Thanks for your message.

Are you still experiencing the issue if you try to access this query segment you created earlier (after a while, is it finally working fine)?

PS : we have found a little bug that might be linked to yours.

Hello @Adel_de_Clevermate,

We’ve fixed a little issue related to the one you faced.
Could you please upgrade to the latest version of forest-express-sequelize and let me know if you encounter any issue like the one you reported?

Thanks again for the report.