Access to a link without knowing the team


I have a backend application which send to some users a link to a forest admin entity.
The problem is that several users will see the same link but these users have different team so the link will not work for everyone.


There are 2 people : user1, user2. Both have an access to the forest admin project named “great-project”. User 1 is from team Sales and User 2 is from team Operation.
They both go on the application frontend and click on a link that is displayed which should redirect to a forest admin page
But both users are seeing the url because my backend which generated the link does not know anything about forest admin teams
So when user1 click on the link, he will be redirected to the good page. But User 2 will not because he is not in the Sales team

Is there a way to have a unique url that works for all teams ?

Thank you

Hi @Quentin_Somerville :wave: Unfortunately you can’t do that yet.

But maybe you can forge the url based on the user request token who have the team name inside.

In order to help you correctly please give more information about your stack.
Do you use an in-app installation? Or a Forest Admin generated one?
What is your agent type or version ?
What is your project name?

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel
It is a bit challenging to do that because the backend that forge the url (which is not the forest admin backend) is called by a saas (Ringover)
So when the backend forge the url it does not have the forest admin token.

To explain, the flow for a user is :

  • User goes on the Saas (Ringover)
  • The frontend call our backend (the stack is NestJs)
  • The backend forge the url
  • It is displayed on Ringover

Hey @Quentin_Somerville :wave:

  • The frontend call our backend (the stack is NestJs)

The frontend of Ringover?

AFAIK, this is currently not possible to achieve the behavior you are expecting. Without knowing the user that will actually click on the link, I can’t think of any way to create a matching team URL without actually know the accessible team of a user.

I’m pushing this as a feature request to our product board.

Depending on the “blocking” aspect of this, I think a solution like this may work:

  • Caching on your backend forestadmin user (id and current team should be enough), as well as Ringover users (With a direct association)
  • Forge a URL to your own backend, containing the ringover id of the current user
  • Use your own backend to resolve the team and forge the associated forestadmin URL from the ringover user id.

I would understand that this is a far from perfect solution, but this is the best I can propose so far :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps

The frontend of Ringover?

It’s not blocking anymore because we decided in the meantime to make only one team for some other reason. So we are going to hard code the name of the team



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