Redirect users the right project / environment

In our organization, we have to allow ForestAdmin Backend access first to the user browser (we set a Cookie), then we redirect him on FA.

We have two environment, a remote one “myremoteenvironment” for tests and a production one “myproductionenvironment”.

The URL :

directly show to the user the data

The URL :

are redirected to the organization projects list page:
and when the projet is selected, the user is redirected to the the default environment: the “myproductionenvironment”
people who want to access the “myremoteenvironment” have to select it again to finaly see it and they often confuse environment “myproductionenvironment” with environment “myremoteenvironment” because they are redirected to “myproductionenvironment” by default

We can’t generate the right link because the default team / teams are managed on FA side and we don’t know this information when the link is build.

Is there an API on the FA side with can use to get the name of the defaut team of the user?
Is there an URL we can use to “force” the projet and the environment without being redirected to the project selection page?

Hi @florianb !
This is something that we can fix easily I think, each user has a default team that we can use to display the data instead of a redirection.
I’ll submit a ticket to the dev team !


If those URLs are working fine and redirecting to a team (first one or last visited), and not rerooting to your organization home page, would it suit your need here?


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I will be more than happy if the URL :

Show the data directly (last viewed page for this user and environment)
OR redirect to (if “myteamone” is the user’s default team):

Instead of the project choice page.

@florianb the second option should be doable quite soon.
I’m creating a bug report and I’ll let you know once it’s fixed.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks for your help

Hello @florianb,

We deployed a little fix.
Now, you should be able to reach<yourProjectName>/<yourEnvironmentName> and you’ll reach this project, this environment and the 1st team available (or the last visited one if exists).

Can you confirm that it’s working as expected on your side?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @adriguy ,

I’m working with @florianb

Your fix works !

Thanks a lot !

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Hi @JeanD!

Great news :tada: Happy to help!

Thanks for bringing up that subject.