Unable to acces to ForestAdmin interface

Hey guys, I’ve created a new Team (developers), Role (developer) and invited the developer to ForestAdmin, the thing is now the developer has access but the admin has this error when trying to connect to ForestAdmin :sob: :

“forest-express-sequelize”: “^7.0.0”,

Thanks a lot !

Hi @caid ,

What is the name of your project?
Are you trying to access an environment you are not allowed to?


Hey @Sliman_Medini, the project’s name : nostrumcare

Mmh I think that I should have the access, because I could (as a admin) invite the developer to the forest



Globally, to access an environment, a user must have a role assigned, and this role must include access to the environment.

@Sliman_Medini but the admin user had the access and we didn’t change it, now there is only one access and it’s the developer, but the developer doesn’t have the rights to add a user, create a team/roles…
How can I give back the access to the admin?

I’ve added the role Dev to user “a.biver” please let me know if it unlock the situation


@Sliman_Medini yess it’s working now for a.biver!!!
was it because I created a role for the developer and access to Preproduction and Production so a.biver lost the access? But it’s weird because even on my local forest I couldn’t login in with this user :confused: