Action button doesn't work

Hi everyone!
Action buttons doesn`t work.

Expected behavior

Action button works and I can change fields.

Actual behavior

Action buttons are not active.

Failure Logs

Hello @a.cherkashchenko. :wave: Welcome to our community. :confetti_ball:

I’m try to summarize, you are on a detailed view of a record and you try to use the Actions that leads to the error, is that correct ?

I have a few questions

I tried to reproduce but not able to have the same comportement. Looking at your logs I think the problem might be in one of the widget you use to display record information. Do you use an Array widget to display informations ?

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Hi, @morganperre!
Yes, we have.
We have this problem when doc has array.

Hey again,

I’m not sure how I can reproduce the issue but it looks like we have an issue with the Array widget.

  • Is this happening with all your records from this collection ?

I think the issue happen when the widget don’t get the right information (I suppose that your record has not the right data when displaying Array), but it should not freeze the front.

I will open an issue on our side. We will come back to you once released.

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This happens with all records, in all collections, if there is an array in json. Thanks a lot

@morganperre Can u provide correct data model for this entity?

Hello again,

The stack trace you have provided seems not related to Actions button but to the Array widget. A crash on this widget could have lead to a frozen browser.

Can you try to change the widget on the buggy field ? Then tell me if the Actions work ?

Can you launch the action from the collection list view (by checking one record then click on Actions)?

I don’t understand ? What do you want me to provide ?

Do you mean a nested properties that is an array ?

Last question, when you’re on the list view did you see all expected column ?

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@morganperre cant change the widget. Dont know why.

I can launch the action from the collection list view

How should the record look like correctly?
Now we have record : image
We don`t have all expected column:


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Thanks for all the feedback @a.cherkashchenko ! :pray:

We are still trying to reproduce. I keep you updated as soon as possible.

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Hey @a.cherkashchenko,

We released a new version of our front application.

You should now be able to use the smart actions and the array should display correctly !

Let me know if it solves your issue. :pray:

Here is the link to the related issue.

@morganperre Thanks! You`re my Hero!

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You’re welcome. :pray:

Glad to provide a quick fix.