"Action" Buttons not appearing

Feature(s) impacted

Smart actions trigger is not appearing on smart table

Observed behavior

We have created a smart, virtual table. The “Action” button is randomly appearing / disappearing with no obvious reason.

Expected behavior

The “Action” button should always be visible as it is on this screenshot

Failure Logs



  • Project name: AIA
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Staging
  • Agent type & version: last
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: -

Hello @Jeremy_A,

Thanks for reaching out :raised_hands:

Hum that’s a very strange issue.
Could you by any chance do a screenshot when the action button is actually not displayed? And check if there is any error message in the console?
And is this problem happening only on staging?


Thanks for your reply @adriguy
as of this morning the button is not showing anymore

I don’t seems to have any log about it.

For information i’ve “reset” smart action permissions here, but that didn’t help


Thanks for those precious details.
Would you mind sharing your smart action settings too (inside the Collection settings)?

Thanks for your reply, but i can’t find other details that the one sent above (SA Permissions), do you have more details ?

In edit mode, can you click on the cog icon next to the collection name (Aia sports competition)?
And then check the smart action tab.

Hello @adriguy ! I’m working with @Jeremy_A on this project

I found out that the smart action was not set to visible, but still I’m wondering why it would show up sometimes ?

Anyway I’ll be replying here if the issue persists, thanks for your insights !

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@Thierry_Tran thanks for your message!

I can’t tell, it should not be displayed if it’s set as not visible… :thinking: (note that this option it’s per team per environment)

Let me know if anything wrong still happens!