Action menu not displaying correctly on associated collections


Up to around 4:30pm, one of our user was using Forest without any issue.

But since then, the action menu does not display any more content in one of our collections “kycDocuments” in Live environment.
The user’s email is:
He is part of the “Compliance” team, and he is an experienced user.

No other had this problem as far as I know.

Do you know where it could come from?
Nothing changed on our side, and we already tried to install another browser, and the issue persists.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Louis-Marie,
We have rollbacked our contributions of the day, as a precaution.
Can Nassif refresh his browser page and try to see if it is solved?


Hi @arnaud

Yes, it works now.
Thank you for your quick answer.

And hoping that it will help to detect the origin of that issue :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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