Lost menu items after upgrading database schema and models

I just upgraded my lumber app to add new models, but I lost some menu items in my layout.
How is that possible?


Hi @Jean_B :wave:

We have experienced a visualization bug on July 2nd, 2020, it could be related. Everything should be fine now, but maybe we missed something. You could have a look here for more information:

I just triggered a cache refresh, could you please check again if it works now? If it does not fix the issue, could you provide more information? What items did you lose? Is it smart actions?

It’s in this menu

We lost a menu item called “Drives”. It was here before the deployment of our lumber app upgrade.

Thank you! :pray:

We lost a menu item called “Drives”

It seems it is not a smart action then…

  • Is it a collection, a smart collection, or a segment?
  • Could you check your model directory (does the drives file still exist and is everything OK)? If it’s a smart collection, you will have to check in your forest folder
  • Could you also check your server logs?
  • Does this problem occurs in all your environments? (dev/staging/prod).

Could you also check if the collection (or the segment) is configured to be visible? To do so, you’ll have to switch to layout editor mode then click on the eye icon beside the collection (or segment name).