Activity Tracked "Undefined"

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Expected behavior

See on activity tracker, the name of the updated object.

Actual behavior

See screen. Activity says “undefined” and link is not clickable.

Failure Logs


As you can see, I’m on the updated object

  • Package Version: last
  • Express Version: last
  • Sequelize Version: no
  • Database Dialect: mongo
  • Database Version: last
  • Project Name:revenue-accelerator

Hello @Robin_Herzog,

That unexpected indeed. We need to find the culprit since I’m not able to reproduce this error. So, I have some questions for you.

  • Does the record still exists or they have been removed ?
  • Does the collection on which you have made the activities still exists ?
  • Can you provide some logs from your console ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Kind regards,

I found the issue. The record has been moved out from the segment.

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Nice to hear. I think we should have a better UX when the record has been delete.

Have a great day.