Layout broken in production environment

Expected behavior

I don’t want all the related data on my tables
I want that editing with layout editor works and that the changes are the same for all the users of this project

Actual behavior

All the related data has been added to my tables and when I edit with the layout editor and refresh the page, all my changes are lost.
This happens only on the production environment


  • Package Version: 3.3.0 (forest-express-sequelize)
  • Express Version: 4.17.11
  • Sequelize Version: 6.2.4
  • Database Dialect: Maria DB
  • Database Version: 2.4.1
  • Project Name: Chez Nestor

Hi @MarineC and welcome !

Could you try to refresh your cache ? See the posts about smart actions about how to do so ::wink:. This should fix your issue

Hi and thank you for your answer.

I dit it but the problem persist.

I join you an image

When I click on the layout editor, I can edit my titles but when I refresh, it comes back like this. I can’t save my changes.

Thank you for your answer,

Thank you, we did what you said on smart actions and the problem seems to be solved.

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