Auth error when I deploy new remote environnement

Feature(s) impacted

Authentication on the app

Observed behavior

When I deploy new remote env with command line, it’s working (to a heroku server).

But when I try to connect on the app interface, there is an auth request on localhost (http://localhost:3310/forest/authentication/callback) instead of my remote server.

Expected behavior

Failure Logs

  1. Request URL:

http://localhost:3310/forest/authentication/callback?code=535CaQAzdlIgZXFQtxM_GK0fsoTgxkaSjvI_vLAzQXXjBss7xL6ZlMc9xXRGhrgg&state={"renderingId"%3A163470} error 403


  • Project name: Affiliate-sports
  • Team name: Operation
  • Environment name: prod
  • Agent type & version: forest-express-mongoose: 8.7.9
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: …

I found the problem.

APPLICATION_URL was missing on my heroku env vars

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