Bad request on segment without info

Expected behavior

I’m trying to add a new Segment on a collection (many segments already exist) using the SQL query view.
I’ve also tried to use the simple query builder, but it also fails.

Actual behavior

I only get a Bad request error without any info to help me debug the issue.

Failure Logs

Nothing appear on the logs.


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

“database_type”: “postgresql”,
“framework_version”: “”,
“liana”: “forest-rails”,
“liana_version”: “5.1.3”,
“orm_version”: “”


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Hi @selcham,

We have spotted the issue, a fix should be released today. I’ll keep you informed :wink:

Hey @selcham,

The issue should be fixed.
You just need to refresh your page :wink:

Hi @vince,
Thank you, it works now.


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