Custom Sections

What is the feature?

What would make forest’s detail view 1000% more useful, is if each drag-and-drop section could be a custom Ember Portal. Basically, if I could have access to a scoped sandbox to display whatever HTML and CSS I wanted per section that would make creating custom views WAY more approachable.

Fully overriding the entire detail + list view is super cumbersome and has a massive learning curve.

If we had the ability to customize a section, this could be much much more approachable.

What problem does this solve for you?

It makes customizing detail view much more approachable and modular. I can keep the expected forest wrapper, but within a section make a little window into some other view (even like an iframe)

Who else would be using this feature?

Everyone – and it would solve for a big gap in the “all or none” ethos Forest currently has.

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Extending this idea, if I could store each Section inside a scoped sections directory as an .hbs or .html file on my local machine, this would be super powerful.

For example:

Say I have a user table

I’d have a directory like:

/forest/sections/user and that could have a list of section files that a section could point to.

In a section, I could have a whole custom card with stats or whatever I wanted to write and format

Hi @austinrupie !
Great suggestions thanks ! I am pushing this to our product team so that they can study your feedback :slight_smile: