Sharing dashboards across teams

What is the feature?

I would like to know if it’s possible to share dashboards across teams

What problem does this solve for you?

We can different team with different permissions but there are some dashboards that would like to share across team (for example, management and engineer). Right now, we need to copy and paste all charts and then duplicate the work if any update is required.

Hi @nikos !
Sorry but we don’t support this feature right now, I’ll push your request to our product team !

Hello @Nicolas_Sailly—thanks for your response. One follow-up question, when I copy the settings from one team to another, both dashboards and configuration on the collections are being transferred? In other words, if team A has a specific ordering on the columns of a table A which is different than team B, what will happen if I copy the layout configuration from team A to team B?

Yep, all the UI customization is duplicated when using this feature :slight_smile:
Be careful, it’s Copy layout configuration to…