Broken record create form

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Expected behavior

When I go to the record create form, I expect to be able to specify all fields.

Actual behavior

Only half the fields are available. If I switch to layout editor mode, the form cog on the top left (number #3 in this doc: is not clickable.
I’m not sure whether the whole form is broken, or some fields are hidden and I cannot unhide them because the layout editor mode is broken.

Failure Logs

When I am on the record create form, in my console I see this:

MissingRequiredPropertyError: Missing required property “value”
at d (
at s.e.init (
at g (
at Function.e.create (
at e.r.create (
at n.i.create (
at Object.evaluate (
at e.t.evaluate (
at e.t.evaluateSyscall (
at e.t.evaluateInner (
console. @ vendor-357d7b4ab3cd659e0a3eead50d145a39.js:20933

Hi @francois_Ruty,

I’m able to reproduce. This change was introduced recently, and the team is already working an on a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll keep you posted once the fix is released.

Hi @francois_Ruty,

The fix should be released by now. Let me know if everything is ok on your side after a refresh :pray:

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thanks, the problem seems to have been fixed now

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