Missing the end of the creation form and submit button

Expected behavior

The creation form should be displayed entirely

Actual behavior

The creation form is cropped and missing information + submit button

Failure Logs


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

forest-express-mongoose 6.3.8

The field that seems to cause the exception is defined as follow:

location: { type: String, enum: Object.values(MMRLocation), required: true, default: MMRLocation.WC }


enum MMRLocation {
NA = ‘NA’,
SE = ‘SE’,
NE = ‘NE’,
MW = ‘MW’,
SW = ‘SW’,
WC = ‘WC’

Hi ! I’m trying to reproduce the bug on my end, we’ll keep you updated !

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Hey @louis,

We’re sorry, so far we couldn’t reproduce your issue.

Could you please share your collection model definition?

Thank you!