Cannot reach your data, only for 2 among a 4-p. team, for a specific environment

This is not a new setup (quite the opposite), and only 2 out of 4 members on the team with this issue, only on this environment (Staging). Production environment is working fine.

All collections, endpoints are impacted.

There is a 401 in the console, c.f.

Any help appreciated.

Update: it came back for me, got prompt the “unlock your data” window.

But not for my coworker.

To clarify: we tried to logout/relogin several times already.

Hello @leo_elevo,

Can you also share with us more details about the error? Can you paste the response body? It’ll give us more details about the error.

It it possible also to share with more details about your install? What is your project’s name? What version of agents do you use (forest-rails, forest-express-sequelize, forest-express-mongoose)?