Cannot reach your data.. What could be the reason?

Showing this error? whats is reason

Attaching the server logs

Hello @Amith_T_R ,

Could you try to log out and the log back in to check if it helps?

Also, could you please tell me a be more about your setup?
Is the issue on your development environment, did it appear after a release to production?
Can you also try to restart your Forest agent?

@Guillaume_Deslandes Thanks for the reply
Tried logout and login again not worked
Tried a new deployment still not working.
Its not development env.
Its working in development and another remote environment (qa)
This issue is in another remote environment (uat)


Did you try to restart the Forest server / agent for the environments where the error occur ?

Are the environments with the issue relatively new?
This might come from roles not being setup for this new environment. If so, please see Manage roles and permission levels - Documentation

Tried restarting. still not fixed
its not new environment its worked before.
Issue appeared from yesterday

Another question,

Could you please tell me the versions of the packages (forest-express-sequelize or similar) found in the package.json files of your environments?
For both working environments and non-working environments?


Its working fine in incognito … may be cache issues .