Smart Actions Enum type get a null value inserted in dropdown

Feature(s) impacted

Dropdown in smart action form

Observed behavior

A null value was inserted in the array of values

Expected behavior

get the palceholder “select” and just items who filled enums array


  • Project name: Hublo
  • Environment name: all
  • Agent type & version: “forest-express-sequelize”: “^8.5.9”



actions: [
      name: "Test dropdown",
      type: "single",
      fields: [
          field: "Test 1",
          type: "Enum",
          isRequired: true,
          enums: ["first item", "second item"],

Hello @Thomas_Bro and welcome to our community !

I agree that the component can be more coherent with the rest of our widgets.
I see nothing against adding the “Select” placeholder. For the null value it allows users to deselect an item from the dropdown, but it certainly can be improved: making the field required would remove the capability to unselect an element.

If these changes correspond to what you were looking for I can create a task for it to be made.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply!
I was just expected the same behaviour in your documentation. But I think it’s okay for me. Thank you @dogan.ay