Can't access local projects - blocking password modal

An error blocks me from accessing the UI for existing and new local projects. I have tried several projects, several passwords, several accounts.

Expected behavior

I create a new project with a new account, connect it with an existing MongoDB database on my local environment. Install with npm and make it run. Everything runs smoothly as expected, the browser window says the backend has been connected. Opens the forestadmin UI - my account password is requested. I give in the correct password and access is given.

Actual behavior

After I give in my password, I get an error notification that says “Cannot retrieve the project you’re trying to unlock. Please check that you’re using the right environment secret regarding your project and environment.”. And the password modal remains.

Failure Logs



Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Project Name: palyground2, palyground, …
  • Database : MongoDB 4.0.3 Community
  • Databas : localhost:27017/forest

“dependencies”: {
“body-parser”: “1.19.0”,
“chalk”: “~1.1.3”,
“cookie-parser”: “1.4.4”,
“cors”: “2.8.5”,
“debug”: “~4.0.1”,
“dotenv”: “~6.1.0”,
“express”: “~4.16.3”,
“express-jwt”: “5.3.1”,
“forest-express”: “^7.4.0”,
“forest-express-mongoose”: “^6.0.0”,
“morgan”: “1.9.1”,
“require-all”: “^3.0.0”,
“mongoose”: “~5.8.2”

Hi @David_Roegiers,

Welcome to our community and thanks for reaching out! :raised_hands:

Is there any log in your admin backend server that pop up when your access is refused (it should!)?
As you were talking about several projects, and judging from the error you get, are you sure the right project is running on the specified port?


Hi adriguy,

Thanks for helping. No logs show up on the local server and I am certain it matches. Your online onboarding process helps to avoid this confusion - nonetheless I double checked ports, names, and tokens - they all match.

Hi @David_Roegiers,

If that’s possible, could you share the last 2 or 3 characters of one of your environment secret, so I can check if everything is correctly set on our end?

If you checked that this token matches on your end and have no logs, could you try to re-trigger the error, so I could check if I can see anything in our issue tracker?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jeff, I checked in today and the error does not appear anymore. Not sure why - but since I’m just testing around, I have no need to get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Happy monday!