Can't delete environments

I can’t delete environments. I want to delete 2 environments that have been created by mistake.

CLI gives this error Oops, something went wrong. And web UI Environment deletion failed.

While this is a nuisance the real problem is that if I try now to create a new environment I get this error A production environment must be created before any other environment

The funny thing is that I have 3 production systems according to CLI, while the web UI only shows 1 or 2 depending on the mood.

The final result I want is 1 dev, 2 staging and 1 prod.

Can someone from the team change 62133 and 62141 to remote so I can delete one of them?


Hi @jonl,

We just tagged both of your environments as “remote” so that you can delete them if you need to.

About the multiple “production” tagged environments, we don’t really know how it can be done, but it is a real issue as one single “production” environment is supposed to be allowed.
Did you remember having done any special tricks to generate 3 “production” environments on your project?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for changing them. :pray:t2:

I just followed the instructions from the UI when adding a remote environment. I also made sure that my heroku apps had NODE_ENV var set to ‘staging’

Nothing fancy.