Can't reset secrets

I lost my secrets and now I can’t log in to the app, and I only assume I can get the secrets from there somehow?

Hi @Adam_Goldman

You should be able to reset your password in the “I forgot my password” page.

An email will be sent to you, and following instructions there should do the job.

Don’t hesitate to come back to us if you stumble on any issues or have any questions. We’ll be happy to help you!

Hey man thanks for the prompt response :purple_heart:

However that’s not my issue :slight_smile:

I got my credentials (username/pass), I’m missing the secrets:


And I can’t get them because when I go to the project, it immediately says it can’t connect to the agent, which of course isn’t running, since I can’t run it without my secrets :woman_shrugging:

So I’m in a catch 22 here

From the project list, you have three little dots at the left of the project name (which can be accessed without the agent running)

From there you can go to project settings and retrieve the FOREST_ENV_SECRET.

For the AUTH_SECRET, if I remember correctly, you can use any string as long as:

  • You don’t share it with anyone (including us): this secret is the one that ensures that forestadmin staff can’t generate login tokens for your agent (the other one is to authenticate your agent when it makes request to our servers)
  • It must be the same for all instances of the agent (if you have a load balancer).

I just checked the code where we generate it: it should be a random 48 hexadecimal chars string
(as least, that is how the frontend generates them during onboarding)