Your password is incorrect, please try again error

Feature(s) impacted

Your password is incorrect, please try again.

Observed behavior

After deploying own forest-admin nodejs server, forestadmin is asking for password, and returns “Your password is incorrect, please try again.”

Expected behavior

Should show the data

Failure Logs

[404] POST /sessions - 0ms


  • Project name: challenges-forest
  • Team name: -
  • Environment name: production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: “@forestadmin/agent”: “^1.8.13”
  • Database type: sequelize (postgres)
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: -

Hello @girjesh1212 :wave:,

If you’re sure that there’s no mistake in your password, is there any log with details in your server that pop up when your access is refused ? :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


The log shows:

warning: [404] POST /sessions

The password is correct since I log in to forestadmin using the same password.


I’m able to access my another ForestAdmin dashboard. I tried to change the account but it also shows the same message.

Hello @girjesh1212,

I cannot find your project, is it “Impact-Challenges” instead of “challenges-forest” ?
Is it any particular reason for using this version of the agent ? the last one is 1.35.2.

Could you send me the payload of the request made by your browser ? (without the password of course !)

Yes, it is Impact-Challenges. Apologies for this error.

I started this project long time ago, the project’s agent version was the latest at that time, I didn’t updated it. Hence the agent version is not the latest.

Here’s the payload:

  1. {email: “”, password: “xxxxxx”, token: null, twoFactorRegistration: false,…}

  2. email: “

  3. password: “xxxxxxxx”

  4. projectId: “116867”

  5. renderingId: “222800”

  6. token: null

  7. twoFactorRegistration: false

Can you double check if the env variable FOREST_ENV_SECRET is right. You can get the value in project settings > environments.
Restart your agent after changing the value.

Please tell me if you can login after that.

My forest env secret was incorrect.
I corrected it, still it shows Incorrect password.


I updated the forestadmin agent and it get resolved