Changing default environment

Hello, I am trying to change my default environment from staging to production but my production env is grayed out and my staging env is shown as green in the panel. Is there any way I can have it realize that my production env is, well, production and change the default environment it will load

Hello @DannySaludSativa,

I’m not sure to well understand your request, what is the issue you are encountering?

Also, what is your project’s name?


Hello, heres a screenshot, Im trying to change the default environment thats opened. Project name is CBD Salud Sativa Mongo (See how the dropdown is greyed out and wont let me choose my production environment)

Hey @DannySaludSativa,

Maybe this answer could help.
This is a known issue that we need to tackle. In the meantime, the proposed solution in the thread could help.

Let me know :pray: