Collection filter 'is blank' does not handle empty strings

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Expected behavior

When filter and selecting not blank expect to filter out blank strings e.g. properties : ‘’

Actual behavior

Returns these values. Would like to have a way to filter these out. Maybe could implement is not with a blank field?

Failure Logs

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Hi @Liam_Cheung,

I’m not sure to understand your concern. Is this:

  • A bug report, is the blank filter working incorrectly (on my end it seems to work correctly)
  • A feature request, you’d like to have a not blank filter?

"blank filter works correctly for undefined and null, but not for blank string ‘’ for me.

I’ve been able to reproduce, thank you for the feedback.

As of now, we do not have any way of filtering empty strings. I made a bug report out of it and we’ll keep you updated on this post about the treatment of the issue.

OK Thanks keep me informed please

@Liam_Cheung, we just released a fix for that issue.

You can upgrade forest-express-sequelize or forest-express-mongoose to v.6.3.0 and have your blank filters include empty strings.

OK great thanks I will test