Connect development environment to a different DB

Feature(s) impacted

I want to change the DB that my development environment (local) is connected to

Observed behavior

I cannot find any option regarding changing the DB that the Dev environment is connected to

Expected behavior

A menu to change DBs or manual change in the .env file to switch what DB the dev environment is connected to.

Failure Logs


  • Project name: okit-forest-admin
  • Team name: N/A
  • Environment name: Development
  • Agent type & version: MySQL, Sequelize
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: N/A

Hello @okit :wave: and welcome to our community

I can refer you to this part of our documentation :thinking:. Following the steps:

  • Stop your agent
  • Update your .env file with the database connection URL
  • Trigger the automatic update of your forestadmin schema

Hope this helps