Using ForestAdmin from Goland

What is the feature?

Hello. In our backend we usually don’t use Node, except for some quick solutions and POCs. Now we’d to keep ForestAdmin, but having a Node instance inside our ecosystem is something we would prefer to avoid, as it causes a maintainance overhead.

My feature request is not so much of a feature request as I wouldn’t ask you to implement support for additional ecosystems obviously, unless it’s already possible somehow and in this case:

  • Could you please explain or create documentation of how to use ForestAdmin in a language agnostic context? (just describing the API etc’), or point me to any existing documentation
  • If you think that using ForestAdmin from Golang or any other non-JS ecosystem is crazy, please do tell me, so that we could plan accordingly.

What problem does this solve for you?

This will allow us to integrate ForestAdmin into the ecosystem we’re convenient working with.

Who else would be using this feature?

Any of your clients that works or migrates to golang

Thank you,