Connectivity issues faced with forestadmin in production

Forestadmin routes are throwing 404 error in production while using the forest liana gem version 8.0.9

Attached is the log for the same. Please prioritize this issue as soon as possible since the business operations are blocked.

The following are the error traces in production

On debug against one of the applications which was working fine in production we found that the below line is the culprit - forest-rails/app/services/forest_liana/ability/fetch.rb at main · ForestAdmin/forest-rails · GitHub

response = ForestLiana::ForestApiRequester.get(‘/liana/v4/permissions/users’)

This is returning the below response for us

#<Net::HTTPUnavailableForLegalReasons 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons readbody=true>

Anyone who faced this issue pls let know what is the workaround for solving this ?

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Hi @Arun-V00222 and welcome to our community :champagne:,

Could you please let me know what is the name of your project.
You have been blacklisted by our server as a spammer which explain your issue

The name of the project is yubi-flow. The environment where this issue is happening is PRODUCTION.

Could you please retry please ?

You will also need to have all your .forestadmin-schema.json with the same version.
We see 60 changes on the forestadmin-schema / minutes on our api for your environments which is not a normal situation

Hi @Arun-V00222,

For a more detailed explanation, this project environment has simply been blacklisted by our platform due to an anormal usage (as described by @vince).

We have deactivated the blacklisting, but you clearly need to sanitize your infrastructure to prevent the schema spamming our servers receive. Without any action, you’re at risk to be blacklisted again.
To be fully transparent, other Yubi environments have been blacklisted for the same reasons.

Thanks for your understanding,

Thanks for the update. It is working fine now. Will check on the anormal usage part and fix.

can you explain more on 60 calls/minute? schema is part of the code deployed with the application right?
@arnaud is there any best practices article on this?

Hi @iamvivekyubi,

Each server instance sends a schema as soon as it starts.
Please look at your infrastructure for server restarting/looping on the start process.

Additionally, each instance has a slightly different schema version. It shares the same environment secret, but they send a different schema, so forest is “glitching” infinitely. Do you scale your production server intentionally? The schema version should be the same across all instances that share the same environment secret. Having differences in schemas from one instance to another, plus the fact it restarts regularly produces blacklisting.

Finally, when the “server always restarts” problem is fixed, you will certainly be able to reduce the number of instances to a single one.

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Hi Arnaud,

Can you please help us unblock the other environments or atleast the qa environment so that we can plan for a long term solution.