Request rejected (403) because of Unauthorized IP in Production

Forestadmin routes are throwing 403 Forbidden with reject unauthorized IP error message from Authentication Controller.

Please prioritize this issue as soon as possible since the business operations are blocked.

Anyone who faced this issue, please let know what is the workaround for solving this?

Hi @kanika-k,

Your environment has been blacklisted because of spam on our server. Please fix your .forestadmin-schema.json to avoid 30 changes / minutes
You might have multiple instances running with different forestadmin-schema

I think your environment is already unlocked, let me know if you are still experiencing this issue

Hi @vince

Thank you for the response. prod environment is unblocked now. We will check the forestadmin schema from our end. The same issue is happening for lower environments as well. Could you please unblock them as well, env names - sit and qa?.

Hi @kanika-k,

We will ask you to first makes sure you are not spamming our api with a lot of changes every minutes.
Until then we will not unlock your other environments

Thanks for your understanding,

Hi @vince

The change has been made for sit and QA environments also , can you please unblock these environments.