Problem connection in my project

I have changed recently my domain name and i can not connect to my Forest Admin project.
It is the first time i got that issue.
It is urgent.
I’am using the rails version v6 of forest liana
What to do please ?

Hi @anthony :wave: can you share with us your project name and the environment on which you change the domain name please.
Have you any errors logs? On your server? On the front-end?

Hi @Arnaud_Moncel
My project name is Byapibots API and we go from to
I have no error logs … nothing on Forest Admin but it works on the website production and in the terminal

Hey @anthony :wave:,

You currently have 3 environments, is that correct?
I can’t spot any specific logs indicating an issue with your project.

While you switched your API URL, did you update the FOREST_APPLICATION_URL environment variable/configuration variable ?

hi @jeffladiray
i did it also
i do not know what to do

If you are not able to login - you should see failing HTTP request in the network tabs of your browser development console.

I’ll need the request & response (You can share those privately via DM) of the failling calls in order to help.

i have no problem to connect in development mode

I’m not speaking of development mode, but your browser developer console.

After your login failed, you should see errors in the Console section of your browser developer tools (Right click, inspect element, “Console” tabs).

Here we are

Hello @anthony,

Can you share the response of the failing request from the network tab of your chrome developper tool ? :slight_smile:

Yes of course

Can you click on the request → preview tab and then share with me the exposed response. It will tell us what is the error you are encontering :slight_smile:


@lclisson Louis
What do think about it plz ?

What did you set for the APPLICATION_URL in your .env file ?

i put :

Any idea ?

Can you try with: ?

it is not working

Can someone help me please ?